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Each 1-GANG+ setup can be used with 3 USBs, an outlet and half-size USB, and most of our switches, dimmers, and outlets.

1-gang/3-module wall plates from Legrand
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Legrand adorne Titanium Switch Plate in Titanium Finish - AWP1G3TM4 Legrand adorne Gloss White Switch Plate in Gloss White Finish - AWP1G3WH4 Legrand adorne Magnesium 1-Gang, 3-Module Wall Plate
Legrand adorne Oil-rubbed Bronze Switch Plate in Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finish - AWC1G3OB4 Legrand adorne Satin Nickel Switch Plate in Satin Nickel Finish - AWC1G3SN4 Legrand adorne Brushed Stainless Steel Switch Plate in Brushed Stainless Steel Finish - AWC1G3BS4
Legrand adorne Mirror White Switch Plate in Mirror White Finish - AWM1G3MW4 Legrand adorne Pale Blue Switch Plate in Pale Blue Finish - AWP1G3BL4 Legrand adorne Bronze Switch Plate in Bronze Finish - AWP1G3BR4
Legrand adorne Custom Switch Plate With Magnesium Trim - AWM1G3M4 Legrand adorne Mirror Black Switch Plate in Mirror Black Finish - AWM1G3MB4 Legrand adorne Custom Switch Plate With White Trim - AWM1G3W4
Greige 1-Gang + Wall Plate
What is a wall plate?
A wall plate, often called a surround, switch plate, or face plate, is the product that surrounds your light switch, dimmer, or outlet. This part is required and you currently have wall plates on whatever devices you have wired in your home.

What are the dimensions of adorne Wall Plates?
adorne wall plates are available in the following dimensions:
1-Gang, 2-Module = 5.13" X 3.45"
1-Gang, 3-Module = 5.13" X 3.45"
2-Gang = 5.13" X 5.29"
3-Gang = 5.13" X 7.06"
4-Gang = 5.13" X 8.88"

Can I have more than one adorne switch in an adorne wall plate?
Yes. You can combine two 1-Module Paddle Switches (like the one shown here) in a standard adorne 1-Gang Wall Plate.
In addition, you can use a 1-Gang, 3-Module Wall Plate (like the one shown here) to combine up to three of these small Paddle Switches.
You can also use this larger plate to combine an adorne Paddle, Whisper, or Push Switch with a 1-Module Nightlight or a 1-Module USB Outlet. You can also combine these 1-module items with an adorne outlet as desired.

Can I paint the wall plate?
Our Custom Wall Plate, offered with a white or magnesium trim, comes with a paintable template. Just paint and stick to the plate. We do not recommend painting any of the other wall plates.