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Chandeliers are the most versatile ceiling light fixtures. They provide excellent illumination and can be as elegant or as simple as you need. Chandeliers vary greatly in both size and theme. From three-light mini chandeliers to three-tier, multi-light pieces, chandeliers are arguably the perfect ceiling light.
Mini-chandeliers add style and flare to a room without needing as high of a ceiling or as large of a room to fill. For instance, these are increasingly popular for young girls' bedrooms. Regardless of the style or size choosing the right chandelier is a great start in determining the rest of the lighting plan for your home.
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Yosemite 12"-Light Kit (Dual Mount) Bozeman 3-Light Light Kit (Dual Mount) Salem 5-LT Mini Chandelier
Salem 5-LT Mini Chandelier Eileen 3-LT Mini Chandelier Dover 4-LT Mini Chandelier
Dover 4-LT Mini Chandelier Yellowstone 3-Light Light Kit (Dual Mount) Libby Langdon for Crystorama Westwood 4 Lt Nickel Mini Chandelier
5 Light Mini Chandelier Winslow 3-LT Mini Chandelier Vine 12"-Light Kit (Dual Mount)
Bryce 3-Light Light Kit (Dual Mount) Crystorama Calypso 1 Light Bronze Mini Chandelier Crystorama Imperial 4 Light Clear Crystal Chrome Mini Chandelier I
Crystorama Southport 3 Light Wet White Mini Chandelier Crystorama Ashton 4 Light Clear Crystal Silver Mini Chandelier Crystorama Luna 6 Light Bronze and Gold Mini Chandelier
Crystorama Solaris 3 Light Olde Silver Mini Chandelier Maile 3-Light Mini Chandelier Trellis 3-Light Mini Chandelier
4 Light Mini Chandelier 3 Light Mini Chandelier 4 Light Mini Chandelier