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Don't be tempted to get a cheap ceiling fan from a local depot where you'll only find fans with limited warranties and poor airflow design. Take the time to get a high-quality ceiling fan that will last a decade, the last thing you want it is to have to buy a replacement after a couple of years just to save some money. Energy conservation and rising fuel costs make ceiling fans a natural choice when it comes to lowering your carbon footprint. During the summer months, a ceiling fan operating in the normal mode can reduce how cool you feel in a room by as much as eight degrees, allowing you to raise your air conditioner's thermostat and reduce energy costs. In the winter, ceiling fans should be operated in reverse mode to recirculate the warm air trapped at the ceiling. For maximum energy savings, turn your fans off when you leave a room.
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Downlight 6+5Uf Bond-Smart Wifi Ceiling Fan Remote Hub-Works w/ Alexa & Google Home Reversible Wall/Hand-Held Remote Transmitter Accessory
Monte Carlo Reversible Wall/Hand-Held Remote Transmitter Accessory - CT150
Our price: $47.00
Sale price: $39.95
517 in stock!
Up & Down Light 4+6Uf Outdoor-Downlight 4+6Uf Receiver For F1000/F844/F556L
Downlight 6+8Uf 4+5Uf Outdoor Down Light Up & Down Light 6+6Uf
Outdoor Down Light 6+6Uf 6+8Uf Up & Dl Light 4+6Uf Downlight For F529
Receiver For F745 Reversible Wall/Hand-held Remote Control Kit Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit
Monte Carlo Reversible Wall/Hand-held Remote Control Kit - CK300
Our price: $125.00
Sale price: $106.25
163 in stock!
Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit DC Motor Receiver Fan/Light Universal Handheld Remote Control
Horseshoe Receiver for 188mm Motor Fans Flatpack Receiver Horseshoe Receiver for K55XL Motor Fans
Emerson Flatpack Receiver one each - RCFP
Our price: $49.00
142 in stock!
Four-Speed Remote Control with Receiver Four-Speed Remote Control Six Speed LED Remote Control